We haven't had much of a winter in Northern California, but with March came lots of fresh snow up in the mountains. Jen and Travis are some of my most adventurous and outdoorsy friends so I knew they'd be the perfect fit for what I had in mind. My typical approach to couple's session is to drive in a general direction and pull off when I see something magical, whether it be light or landscape. All I knew was I wanted snow, so we detoured off of the freeway and headed up to a lake I've wanted to photograph for years.

The road we went up wasn't plowed, so we kicked it in 4 Wheel Drive and had a little fun. Once we arrived and jumped out, we quickly realized that the snow was thigh-high and it was going to be a workout to get down to the lake, which was a good 50 yards or so. Thankfully, we all brought layers because it turned out to be quite the chilly trek! Chilly? yes. But worth it? Absolutely.

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Thankful for my assistant, Christie, for grabbing this behind the scenes shot!

behind the scenes